Whether you are a professional marketer or simply a travel business owner, you would want to use the online channels and digital platforms to entice people to purchase your packages and influence their travel decisions. Nowadays travel expeditions are planned based on what is found on digital platforms, whether it is social media, promotional ads, and travel booking sites. Indeed, to influence the travel decisions for most people, the digital platform can be a versatile way to expose people to your promotional campaigns or travel destination.

Use of social media is a very useful tool in this regard. Many Facebook users state that the photos that friends post on this forum often influence as well as inspire their travel plans. Hence, for those who are looking to reach a certain target segment to inspire with travel plans or a destination, it would be a good idea to use this social media forum as a way to advertise. If you are a holiday home owner, creating a page for your hotel or holiday home allow people to see images of your property, read posts of the latest happenings or offers you have and even provide links to place bookings.

Travel sites, especially those that act as platforms for hotel and flight bookings can be ideal to promote different travel ideas or similar promotions. As most people look for travel plans and hotels here, your promoted ads here is likely to get more targeted hits.